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Innovating Solutions for Healthcare and Beyond

Welcome to KPi-Tech, an esteemed partner with a legacy spanning over two decades in Healthcare IT, complemented by an expansive influence across diverse industry landscapes. With deep-seated roots in both technology and healthcare, KPi-Tech has consistently led the way in orchestrating transformative solutions. For over 25 years, KPi-Tech has illuminated the path of excellence in Healthcare IT. Our journey began with a resolute focus on elevating healthcare experiences through the strategic integration of technology. Today, our legacy extends beyond healthcare, encompassing sectors as varied as finance, manufacturing, and beyond.

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Continous Integration

Empowering Excellence Across Industries

Our team, comprising seasoned professionals, is bound by an unwavering commitment to...

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Continuous Delivery

Navigating the Shifting Technological Landscape

In an era of rapid technological evolution, adaptability is paramount. KPi-Tech offers an exhaustive...

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Mastery Across Multifarious Sectors

With over 25 years of industry presence, our mastery transcends the confines of Healthcare IT. Our...

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Who we Serve

Healthtech Startup

Medtech Startup

Life Science

Health Insurance

Medical Agencies

Hospital and Healthcare Facility

Clinical Research Organization

Non-Profit Organization

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Our Mission and Vision


Our mission at KPi-Tech is to stand at the forefront of strategic IT services, drawing from our healthcare origins to deliver excellence across diverse sectors.


We aim to be more than partners. We aim to be integral to your growth story, driving long-term success with attention to detail, tech expertise, enhanced profitability, and strategic decision-making.

We Love Great Relationships

We Love Great Relationships

A company is as good as the people in it. We understand that people are our greatest strength. We as an organization invest a lot of time in putting together programs and benefits that minimize work stress and instead fosters innovation and creativity. As we grow, we celebrate years of friendship, collaboration, learning, freedom to do things differently and recognition. Over the years what has worked for KPi-Tech to have long term meaningful relationships with people is our genuine interest in the growth of every employee and client. Growth is fueled by questioning, challenging, winning, failing etc.

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Our values

We believe in Integrity We believe in Integrity


Upholding unyielding principles, we navigate every endeavor with honesty, ethics, and unwavering integrity, always prioritizing what is right.

We trust each other We trust each other


Collaboration defines our culture. We foster a foundation of trust, relying on one another's strengths and unwavering support to achieve collective success.

We excel We excel


The pursuit of excellence is our constant. We strive for peak performance, consistently innovating and refining our approaches to exceed expectations.

We respect We respect


We take full ownership of our actions and their outcomes. Our commitment to accountability guarantees the highest standards in all aspects of our work.

We are accountable We are accountable


Our foundation is built on mutual respect. We celebrate diversity, treating each individual with dignity, embracing differences, and nurturing an environment of empathy.

At KPi-Tech, our Mission, Vision, and Values encapsulate our dedication to leveraging our healthcare roots to drive excellence across industries. We are committed partners in your journey towards success, upholding the pillars of integrity, trust, excellence, accountability, and respect.

Tell us about your idea, and we’ll offer the most fitting technological solution.

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