Is Your Team Dealing with the Rapidly Growing Demand for Healthcare Interoperability?

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and Centers for Medicare & Medical Services (CMS)  are advocating for the adoption of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources to facilitate faster and more data exchange, in line with the latest Healthcare industry standards. If your team requires FHIR expertise to achieve compliance, create a repository of data for patient care, value-based care, research, and more our team of FHIR experts is available to assist you.

Our FHIR Experts can Help you out

Implementing a FHIR solution and extending your capabilities does not need to be overwhelming or uncertain. You need a reliable team with the ability to adapt to your specific needs. KPi-Tech has extensive experience with the leading EHR FHIR-APIs and has experience to add FHIR standard in your existing platform. We Provide technical guidance on application architecture and the role of FHIR in it.

FHIR profiling and Implementation

FHIR Consulting

Strategic and technical consulting

Software Development

Software development and system integration


Compliance consulting

Our FHIR Services

FHIR Integration

FHIR Integration

We provide full FHIR support, including data mapping, transformation, validation, and exchange between Health system and Electron health records (EHRs). Our experts can help you use FHIR for improved data access, patient engagement, and care coordination.



We can assist with data requirements, authorizations, and protocols for patient data flow between applications. Our team can create and deploy SMART on FHIR apps that integrate smoothly with your current systems and workflows, improving patient outcomes and user experiences.

FHIR repository

FHIR Repository

A FHIR Clinical data repository simplifies various hospital information architecture components, such as research and clinical trial queries, integrating applications, connecting patient portals and personal health records, reporting, and quality measures management.

Auditing and Monitoring

Auditing and Monitoring

Identify potential security breaches, prevent unauthorized access, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.


FHIR Works on AWS- CDR

We can help you customize and add different FHIR functionality to best serve your requirements. FHIR Works on AWS is a framework that can be used to deploy a FHIR server on AWS.


API Management

Manage and secure FHIR API with traffic monitoring & monetization via a single API gateway.


FHIR Profiling and Extensions

FHIR resources are expanded to enable more real-world use cases by FHIR profiling and extensions.


Authentication & Authorization

Secure access to FHIR resources with OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, Azure AD etc.

Data Analytics

BI and Analytics Tool Integration

Our team help you in clinical analytics, financial analytics, Quality of Care analytics and Patient predictive analytics to achieve your goal.

FHIR R4 Based Integration Between EMR and Patient Access Solution

Benefits of FHIR Interoperability



Efficiently exchange healthcare data with different systems and applications.


Reduced Complexity

Reduce the complexity of integrating healthcare data from various sources.



Ensure regulatory compliance (ONC and CMS) and improve patient outcomes with accurate and timely data exchange.


Reduced Cost and Time

Save time and resources with our turnkey FHIR integration services.

Why Us

Our Expertise in Healthcare Integration

US Healthcare Expertise

KPi-Tech develops healthcare solutions for care institutions in the US market for 19+ years.

1000+ Hospitals

Our solutions, which encompass web and mobile apps for a range of healthcare stakeholders, have been implemented in more than 1000 hospitals.

Healthcare IT Solutions

Our solutions include scheduling, reminders, progress notes, evaluations, telemedicine, IoMT, orders, results, HL7 interfaces, SMART on FHIR apps, and more


We proudly serve Chronic Care, Transfer of Care, Rehabilitation, Mental Health, Dental, ER, Burn, Pharmacogenomics, and other disciplines

Certified Experts

All our integration experts are HL7.2x and FHIR R4 certified, providing domain expertise to meet client requirements

100+ Custom Interfaces

We have built custom 100+ interfaces that have transformed community care. We have integrated healthcare systems using open-source and propriety Interface Engines, including: Mirth Connect, Cloverleaf, Corepoint.

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Some challenges in implementing FHIR include enterprise integration, FHIR extensions, cross-version support, consent management, security complications, and monitoring and monetization.

FHIR can help your organization by enabling interoperability between different systems and applications, improving patient care and coordination, and streamlining administrative tasks.

Yes, all our developers are HL7.2x and FHIR R4 certified and have domain expertise to help clients achieve their requirements.

To get started you can contact us for a FHIR consultation, and we can help you assess your organization's needs and develop a plan for implementation

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