Why Cloud Computing?

Application development on the cloud requires a lot of workforce, knowledge, and various other things that need to be considered. We at KPi-Tech are here to solve your long and persisting problems. We at KPi-Tech believe that IT is the future of any business. Therefore we intend to provide the best services that would aid your benefit. We have a detailed list of services that would elevate your firm to master cloud-based application development.

Why Do Businesses Increasingly Opt for the Cloud?


Service Availability

Users are always able to access the system without any interruption.


Operating Costs Savings

No need to build and maintain on-premise hardware/software.



Faster Deployment and Launch of New Features.



Higher Development and Support Staff Productivity. Makes Backup Restore Easy.



Quickly add/subtract new apps, users and features that reduce paperwork or response time.


Increased Productivity

Collaborate anytime/anywhere with secure mobile apps and devices.

Want Your Apps to Be Advanced & Easy to Access?

Harness the power of cloud computing: We create secure, scalable digital solutions that drive your end-user and support optimized customer experiences. Our dedicated services reflect upon how much we care for our clients. We provide a wide range of services for cloud computing that will be a greater prospect for your dream business.

Cloud Application Development

Our specialized application development services offer personalized software solutions designed to fully leverage the capabilities of cloud technology for your company. Our developers can create a custom-built platform from scratch or enhance your existing system to unlock its true potential. We cater to private, public, and hybrid cloud technologies, ensuring a flexible, secure, and highly dependable service. Through custom development, your company can rapidly expand its IT infrastructure and transform into a highly efficient, cloud-driven powerhouse.

Cloud Migration

Our expert team performs complete cloud migration services to their highest potential. All we do is, transfer your data from your local device to the cloud server. We even deploy the necessary features to offer you a seamless process.

Cloud Deployment

Our cloud integration services perform over various platforms such as Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, etc. We develop and deploy the required data to the cloud over these platforms for easier access. With our team's proficiency in public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments, we deliver exceptionally reliable applications that meet the latest cybersecurity requirements.

Cloud Application Testing

After implementing our cloud migration services, we test the application upfront before delivering it to our client. We also ensure a constant follow-up until the desired goal is reached, thereby avoiding cloud servers from getting crashed. We examine the data structure and other security services like infiltration or vulnerability. Our team from KPi-Tech will perform necessary tests to assess the performance of your cloud. It includes the scalability, agility, and importance of business websites.

Software Integration

At our company, software integration goes beyond creating bespoke solutions to meet your business needs and connect various technologies used by your team or organization. We develop scalable products that enable seamless growth within your cloud-driven environment. Integrating your software with cloud applications enhances the reliability, strength, and cost-effectiveness of your entire IT infrastructure, enabling smoother operations.

CLoud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring And Support

We provide efficient cloud performance improvement and monitoring services 24x7. You have total visibility into the functionality and availability of the entire cloud infrastructure thanks to our cloud monitoring and support service.

Cloud Service Models We Offer


Infrastructure as a Service is automated computing resources that help us access and overview the system. The supervision is made on networking storage ... and the device application. We perform the entire process of IaaS to save your data virtually.

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Our experts are working hard to create the user-friendly feature of Platform as a Service. This will provide you with a specific area or space for your cloud-based application development. With this tool, we can obtain a framework that makes customized applications just for you.


With SaaS or Software as a Service, we dispose of the requirement to install and manage apps on each computer or system. This is a platform that provides enough space for application development in the cloud. Thus, we can serve you better with hassle-free maintenance.

How We Build Our Cloud Apps

Improved performance

Modifiable and Compatible Cloud Apps

We use layered design, distinct separation of concerns (SoC), standardized and well-documented APIs, etc. to make it simple for cloud apps to interface with other applications and easily absorb upgrades (such as conceptual changes).

Scalable apps

Scalable and Portable Apps

To assist you reduce downtimes brought on by application overload or migration, we divide an application into services and microservices and containerize them

Cost efficient

Robust Cloud Applications

To prevent app failure from spreading, we employ hierarchies of services, message queues, dynamic scaling, automated recovery, etc.

Cost effective

Cost-Effective Cloud Applications

For the least amount of work, time, and money spent developing and running an application, we choose the appropriate cloud services.


Secure Cloud Applications

Throughout the entire process of developing a cloud app, security is included. Build-management tools and secure code repositories.The release pipeline and deployment tools both contain security. Utilizing a cloud provider's restrictions, serverless permissions being reduced, enforced authentication, extensive logging and monitoring of events, and requests coming from external APIs are just a few of the security measures that should be in place.


Cloud Platform Expertise

At KPi-Tech, we intend to give you one hundred percent satisfaction by improving trust and credibility. Here is a list of technologies that we work on to create personalized application development for the cloud.

Why Our Cloud Services

Benefits of Cloud Application Development Services

Our experts have constantly been working to enhance your cloud-native application development. But we aren’t limited to our group of experts who are always keen on transforming the business more agile. If you face a storage issue to save your data, the system lags and affects your overall productivity. To minimize those troubles, we have introduced services for cloud computing.

Improved performance

Improved Performance

When your computer device is vacant from all the clutters, then it will function more efficiently. Additionally, the applications installed by the cloud service provider will have enough space to run freely, and you can witness the increased performance on both ends.

Scalable apps

Customized Cloud Service

We understand that every client has specific issues. Hence, we provide custom cloud integration services that can manage according to your needs and requirements.

Cost efficient


It’s the right time to save your money by investing in the cloud instead of losing them on multiple hard disks, storage devices, and other technologies. This will eliminate the need for constant upgrades for both your hardware and software.



Due to the flexibility of the cloud, one can access the data from anywhere and anytime. By sitting at home, you can manage the business process and the employee workflow. Also, this is highly effective during tough times around us. All they need to do is to access cloud integration services by virtually connecting to the system.

Cost effective

Automatic Updates

The system automatically updates without any manual intervention and keeps your PC idle for a few minutes with advanced features. To know more about the cloud and its application, hire cloud computing developers to witness the wholesome experience.

We Provide Cloud & DevOps Services

Do you need to make sure that high-quality software is provided promptly, consistently, and reliably? Software engineers and IT operations staff are encouraged to work closely together through the use of the DevOps technique.

It accomplishes this by automating and optimizing IT processes. In order to ensure that your business plan is consistently backed by high-quality software, our DevOps experts will collaborate with you to optimize the delivery, deployment, development, security, and maintenance of any high-load, fail-safe system using a microservices architecture.

FAQs on Cloud Application Development

Cloud-based technologies refer to software, services, and resources accessible over the internet, rather than being stored or run locally on individual devices or servers. These technologies enable users to access applications, data, and computing resources from anywhere with an internet connection.

Web applications are software accessed through web browsers over the internet, while cloud applications are hosted and run on remote cloud servers. Although web applications are a type of cloud application, cloud applications can also include non-web-based software accessed through other means, such as APIs or mobile apps.

Cloud application development involves creating, designing, and building software applications specifically for deployment and operation in the cloud environment. It entails using cloud infrastructure, services, and technologies to develop and deliver scalable and flexible applications.

Cloud computing can be categorized into three main types: Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud. Public Cloud services are provided over the internet by third-party cloud service providers, accessible to multiple organizations or individuals. Private Cloud involves exclusive use by a single organization, often managed on-premises or by a private provider. Hybrid Cloud is a combination of public and private cloud resources, allowing data and applications to be shared between them.

Cloud services are typically classified into three main models: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). IaaS provides virtualized computing resources over the internet, including virtual machines, storage, and networking. PaaS offers a platform and tools for developers to build, deploy, and manage applications without managing the underlying infrastructure. SaaS delivers software applications over the internet on a subscription basis, eliminating the need for local installation and maintenance.

To ease cloud application development, it is essential to plan and design with scalability in mind to accommodate future growth. Leveraging cloud-native services and tools can enhance development efficiency, while embracing automation streamlines deployment and management processes. Robust security measures must be in place to protect data and applications, and regularly monitoring and optimizing application performance in the cloud environment ensures a smooth and successful deployment.

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