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KPi-Tech offers comprehensive Healthcare IT services that encompass a wide range of areas, including IT strategy planning, solution development, Interoperability, modernization, and ongoing support. With nearly two decades of experience, we enable you to harness the advantages of technology-driven healthcare without the need to enlarge your in-house IT staff or exceed your financial constraints. We provide comprehensive software level support for lifetime systems interoperability, interface customization, and maintenance.

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Healthcare Software Development Services

With the mission of delivering accessible and affordable health service to healthcare organizations, KPi-Tech integrates digital healthcare expertise, techniques, and consumer-focused values. Our intuitive software delivers cost effective patient care, creates care time for patients while securing and maintaining patient data information. A global surge in demand for remote healthcare solutions is trending now and our healthcare IT services and support is tailor-made for remote management and data sharing. We optimize healthcare giver engagement with the system and save your stress, time, and cost.

EMR/EHR/PHR Development EMR/EHR/PHR Development

KPi-Tech creates highly interoperable custom-made software with integration of PMS and HIE functionalities. This enables seamless communication between healthcare providers and patients. KPi-Tech offers eRx, record data tracking, and electronic communications which are essential in the healthcare sector today.

PMS software development PMS software development

KPi-Tech offers development services of PMS software for registering patients, recording patient demographics, processing insurance and accounting operations. Our developments help manage PMS software used in healthcare organizations for scheduling patient appointments and managing billing procedures.


PACS stores and facilitates access to medical images as MRI, ultrasound etc. They use the DICOM or digital imaging and communications in medicine for storage and transmission. KPi-Tech integrates seamlessly with third-party RIS, HIS, and EMR/EHR solutions allowing seamless medical image integration. We use SSL/TLS encryption to encrypt sensitive patient data and HL7 standards for securely transmitting DICOM/PACS data.

Telemedicine development Telemedicine development

KPi-Tech builds custom-made telehealth software for primary care and urgent care doctors for web and mobile applications. Our technology includes dynamic video-conferencing software that facilitates doctor’s appointments and physician to physician appointments. Our software also includes sharing and recording functions, multipoint control units (MCU), reliable streaming software (OpenTok, WebRTC) and interactive voice response (IVR).

Pharmacy Management solutions Pharmacy Management solutions

KPi-Tech's Pharmacy Management development process facilitates pharmacy workflows, master patient indexes, approved medication lists and inventories. Our technology includes inventory management programs, web-based and interactive voice response, autofill systems and printer or labeler embedded software.

Healthcare Interoperability Services

HL7 Integration Services HL7 Integration Services

KPi-Tech provides development services using HL7 to parse messages in readable formats and ensure network architecture using LLP, HLLP, MLLP, and TCP/IP protocols. Our integration experts are HL7 2.x certified.


KPi-Tech uses Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) technology for exchanging, sharing, integrating, and retrieving electronic health information to support infrastructural, administrative, and clinical interoperability features based on cloud, SaaS, and Web. All our integration experts are FHIR R4 certified.

HIE Interoperability HIE Interoperability

KPI-Tech provides healthcare IT services utilizing HIE software to streamline information exchanges between healthcare providers and patients. Our services develop and manage HIE data by utilizing C-CDA for medical data sharing and we also provide services for existing eRx, EHR/EMR, LIMS, medical IoT, billing & RCM, and other networks by integrating interoperable HIE functionalities.

Interface Engines Interface Engines

KPi-Tech healthcare IT services help healthcare organizations achieve seamless and rapid interoperability connecting their systems through our affordable HL7 software. We integrate with all data formats, including FHIR, CCD/C32, X12, DICOM and we exchange data from your hospital information systems (HIS), laboratory system (LIS), anatomic pathology system (AP), and radiology information system (RIS). We have worked on interfaces engines like Mirth connect, Corepoint, and Rhapsody successfully for our healthcare clients.

Healthcare Certifications Healthcare Certifications

KPi-Tech services is experienced in helping healthcare organizations in achieving their software certifications. We provide IT certification that can help guide healthcare organizations in the right direction when searching for a reliable EHR system and other health IT modules.

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Our Healthcare IT Services by the Numbers

KPi-Tech is at the forefront of the global digital revolution in healthcare and has been your choice of support for 20+ years. We work with leading healthcare organizations across the globe to provide digital health insights, create software applications, technologies, and mobile apps. We have a deep understanding of the pain points throughout the patient access journey and we provide integrated solutions for access, adherence, and affordability. We increase quality and outcomes in patient care while driving down expenses and improving your revenue cycle. We create time to care and we promote value-based patient care.


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KPi-Tech strives to achieve not only client applause, but we believe in the value of sustainability. Our customers are often repeat customers who count on us to carry out all the business developments skillfully.

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Our Healthcare IT Consulting

Technology in healthcare has never been more top of mind. Technologies can be leveraged to be better applied to improve the healthcare experience, to enable a more seamless flow of data, and hopefully allow for more proactive care. KPi-Tech healthcare IT services are unique as our healthcare experts are knowledgeable and insightful about the industry needs. Their expertise and proactiveness efficiently save time for the clients who otherwise have to spend enormous time explaining their problems. Our consultants' passion for pursuing the latest in ever-changing healthcare technology led them to leverage cutting-edge medical technologies and help the clients navigate through them seamlessly in a short time.

Below Are Some of the Ways We Can Help Your Organization Thrive

  • Examine your existing IT systems
  • We make perfect recommendations based on our expertise and domain knowledge
  • Implementation of appropriate solution for your unique needs
  • Enhance your ability to deliver outstanding care while reducing downtime, streamlining operations, and improving efficacies

We Offer Three Models of Healthcare IT Services

This would be an ideal choice if your internal IT team needs support and augmentation to help maximise the capacity of your IT staffing resources.
  • 24/7 IT support
  • Ongoing network monitoring and optimization
  • Automated escalation and responsiveness of IT issues to our software engineers
  • Easy access to our consultants for professional services
Custom-built to meet the needs of clients who have existing IT staff, but need a partner to help manage and improve their tools and service levels. Here our dedicated team refine and enhance your Healthcare IT service with:
  • Long-term road mapping
  • Take charge to visit onsite to co-create value and augment your systems over time
Custom-built for our healthcare clients who do not have in-house IT and need services that are optimally or fully managed. Model three is based on the services offered by Model Two and includes a full-time team of KPi-Tech Healthcare IT technicians to:
  • Deliver total IT planning
  • Implementation
  • Augmentation
  • Maintenance