Revolutionizing healthcare data validation, our client automated processes, reducing validation time by 96%.

Business Vertical:

Healthcare Technology



Main Challenge:

Manually verifying code logic and data accuracy across diverse client setups post-integration.


Our client is dedicated to catalyzing impactful changes in healthcare by offering performance visibility solutions that empower organizations to elevate outcomes while curbing costs. Their innovative suite of solutions unlocks actionable intelligence from extensive data points, guiding strategic decisions and operations.

Business Need

The client's QA team grappled with the exhaustive task of validating all loaded data within their system. To achieve this, they resorted to manual extraction into Excel spreadsheets, a laborious and time-consuming process.


The manual verification process, compounded by multi-client integration, demanded substantial time and effort. With unique client setups, individualized validation became a daunting task, adding to the resource-intensive nature of the process.


In response to this challenge, a tailored desktop application was developed to automate the validation process. This application reads and validates entire datasets from the database, adhering to predefined rules within an input template. It generates detailed PDF reports, providing pass/fail results, failure reasons, and specific database identifiers for further investigation. Multithreading was integrated to enhance efficiency, considering the need for system-wide verifications across diverse client setups.

Solution Architecture


Technology Stack

  • Java
  • JavaFX
  • PostgreSQL


The implementation of the automated validation application resulted in remarkable time savings, generating detailed PDF reports promptly. What previously took hours for validation now concludes within seconds, marking a significant efficiency boost. Additionally, reduced dependency on QA resources not only lowered data validation costs but also contributed to a 96% reduction in overall validation time, marking a substantial leap in operational efficiency.

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