KPi-Tech assisted in creating a Mobile Application for cyber security software, that can give the notifications anytime on to the mobile so that the right team is alerted at the right time.

Business Vertical:




Main Challenge:

24*7 Software accessibility


Our client is a leading cybersecurity business in the US that specializes in providing services to the healthcare sector. With the increasing number of reported healthcare data breaches, the need for a strong cybersecurity system has become more important than ever. Our client offers a wide range of services to help healthcare organizations assess their individual risk appetite and strengthen their cybersecurity.

Important factors to consider when developing custom mobile apps for healthcare security include compliance with healthcare regulations, data privacy and security, user experience, and seamless integration with existing healthcare systems. It's crucial to work closely with healthcare professionals to understand their specific needs and to ensure that the app provides value to both healthcare providers and patients. Additionally, the app should undergo rigorous testing to ensure it's reliable, functional, and secure.

Business Need

With more than 40 million patient records compromised last year, healthcare data breaches have become the costliest among all industries, with an average recovery cost exceeding $9.23 million. Healthcare systems comprise various operations, such as charting, billing, electronic prescriptions, administration, and third-party partnerships, among others. To track security flaws in these systems, our client offers security software to healthcare institutions.


  • The security software installed on the desks was only capable of monitoring while the user was at their desk, which meant that taking a break could result in missing critical security events or notifications.
  • The client required continuous 24/7 monitoring even when users were away from their desks to ensure they didn't miss any security-related events or notifications.
  • he client also wanted to acknowledge security events remotely through mobile on both iOS and Android platforms, in addition to the 24/7 remote monitoring.


KPi-Tech assisted in creating a mobile application that would provide seamless notifications to the right team at the right time, ensuring 24/7 monitoring. The app also allowed users to view important metrics regarding the security aspect of the organization.The app featured:

  • BioMetric/FaceID security for added protection.
  • Notification management to prioritize notifications based on urgency.
  • Notification actions to perform actions without opening the app.
  • Redirect to desired screen after tapping notification to save time.
Integrated Disparate Healthcare Systems
Mobile Application Architecture

Technologies used:

React, React Native, Android Studio, Xcode, AWS SNS, FIrebase Cloud Messaging, Apple Push notifications


The mobile application has become a USP for the main security software application. The management at our client location and their end-users are extremely satisfied with the app, which has enabled them to monitor security events 24/7, from anywhere. The app has also provided them with valuable metrics regarding the security aspect of their organization, enabling them to strengthen their cybersecurity further.

We believe in close collaboration and partnership when building custom software. Our team works closely with yours to deliver high-quality, valuable, and tailored applications that meet your unique needs.

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