KPi-Tech's AI-powered chatbot solution revolutionized pharmaceutical operations by streamlining 500+ SOPs, boosting efficiency and facilitating informed decision-making.


Pharmaceutical Industry



Main Challenge:

Effectively managing an extensive repository of over 500 SOPs, hindering accessibility, interpretation, and dissemination of information across the organization


Our client is a leading multinational pharmaceutical corporation with a robust global presence in both emerging and established markets. Specializing in post-patent branded medicines, the company is dedicated to manufacturing and marketing a diverse portfolio of products across hospital and consumer markets. Its core business segments include Manufacturing and Commercial Pharmaceuticals, comprising Regional Brands and Sterile Focus Brands. With expertise spanning pharmaceutical forms such as steriles, oral solid doses, liquids, semi-solids, biologicals, and active pharmaceutical ingredients, the company maintains a strong capability to cater to varied healthcare needs worldwide.

Business Need

The client aimed to build a chatbot to assist employees with accessing and understanding the company's extensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). This chatbot was envisioned to enable employees to ask questions about company processes and receive relevant answers drawn from existing SOPs.


Managing an extensive repository of over 500+ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) posed significant challenges for the client. Efficient SOP management was critical for achieving operational excellence, regulatory compliance, and seamless workflow execution. However, the sheer volume and complexity of SOPs hindered accessibility, interpretation, and dissemination of information across the organization. To address these challenges effectively, the client sought to develop and implement an AI-powered chatbot solution tailored specifically for SOP management.


Our team developed an AI-driven chatbot capable of ingesting the organization's SOPs and addressing employee inquiries. Accessible through SharePoint, employees can interact with the chatbot to quickly find relevant information. Additionally, an administrative web application was created to allow administrators to monitor chatbot usage and update SOPs as needed.

Tech Stack

  • Spring Boot
  • ReactJS
  • Azure OpenAI
  • MS SQL
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Logic App


  1. Efficiency Boost: Instant access to SOPs via the chatbot streamlined operations, reducing time spent searching for documents.
  2. Consistency Assured: Standardized responses minimized errors and ensured uniform adherence to procedures across departments.
  3. Productivity Surge: Employees saved time comprehending SOPs, allowing them to focus on core tasks and increasing overall productivity.
  4. Smooth Onboarding: New hires swiftly familiarized themselves with procedures using the user-friendly chatbot, expediting their integration.
  5. Informed Decisions: Analytics provided insights into SOP-related inquiries, enabling targeted refinement of SOPs and process improvements.

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