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Data Silos: Road block to Operational efficiency

Your company's performance depends on the data you have access to.

In today's data-driven world, organizations rely on a multitude of software applications to manage various aspects of their operations. However, these applications often operate in isolation, creating data silos. This lack of integration leads to several problems with data flow and consistency,56% of businesses struggle with siloed data hindering their ability to gain a 360-degree view of their customers.

IBM's Cost of Poor Data Quality Study offers a staggering estimate – data inconsistency costs US businesses a whopping $3.1 trillion annually. As per Gartner's findings, poor data quality imposes an average annual cost of bad data as $12.9 million on companies across various sectors.

Our client, a renowned leader in senior care services has more than 400 caregivers in 100+ locations. They faced considerable challenges in managing data synchronization across their payroll management Paylocity and third-party care provider systems WellSky. Data silos existed between their payroll management system (Paylocity) and the third-party care provider system used by caregivers (WellSky). This led to a cascade of problems.

  1. Manual data synchronization: Time-consuming and error-prone.
  2. Operational inefficiencies: Delayed decision-making and increased costs.
  3. Hindered future integrations: Limited agility to adopt new technologies.
  4. Limited Insights and Visibility: Fragmented data hindered comprehensive analysis, making it difficult optimize operations, and personalize care plans.

Defining the Integration Imperative for Enhanced Care Delivery

Our client’s vision was to eliminate the inefficiencies caused by disparate data systems. They wanted a unified data ecosystem to bridge the gaps between Paylocity and care provider applications. Another important part of the request was related to using centralized storage to support. advanced analytics, enabling real-time access to patient information and substantially improving decision-making capabilities within the care management process.

Tackling the Complexities of Data Synchronization and System Integration

The manual data synchronization efforts previously employed were not only timeintensive but also prone to significant errors, leading to unreliable data outputs. This lack of reliable data hindered effective decision-making and comprehensive analytics. Moreover, the isolated nature of data within third-party applications complicated efforts to achieve a seamless integration with other vital systems, thereby constraining the client’s operational agility.

Engineering a Customized Solution to Drive Efficiency and Accuracy

To address these complex challenges, we engineered a bespoke solution leveraging modern technology stack. Utilizing Node.js, we crafted an application that integrated with Paylocity and ClearCare through robust APIs and efficient webhooks. This integration facilitated a dynamic data synchronization process, storing critical data in a PostgreSQL database, which was designed to support scalability and seamless integration with future applications.

Detailed Technical Architecture of the Solution

  1. Core Technologies:
    1. Backend Platform: Node.js
    2. Web Server: Express.js
    3. API Integration: Paylocity, ClearCare
    4. Data Management: Webhooks, PostgreSQL
    5. Cloud Services: AWS VPC, with key components like Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and EC2 for scalable cloud infrastructure

Delivering Impactful Results through Technological Innovation

Our advanced technological solution revolutionized the client’s data management processes, significantly reducing the reliance on manual synchronization, ensuring higher data accuracy, and improving overall operational efficiency. The new system not only enhanced data accessibility for future applications but also empowered the client to make insightful, data-driven decisions that have dramatically improved service delivery and patient care.

KPi-Tech by Numbers

Senior care Data Integration

Realizing Strategic Benefits and Preparing for Future Challenges

  1. Operational Efficiency: Our solution drastically cut down on manual data handling, freeing up valuable resources for more strategic tasks.
  2. Data Integrity: We achieved a significant reduction in data inconsistencies, providing a reliable basis for critical healthcare decisions.
  3. Future-Proof Infrastructure: The scalable nature of the solution ensures readiness for future technological expansions, supporting seamless integration with emerging technologies and systems.


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