Cloverleaf Integration Engine

The Cloverleaf Integration engine facilitates clinical data interchange to enhance corporate processes and healthcare results. It enables healthcare businesses to effectively address challenging interoperability issues while utilising the most recent standards in a secure and large-scale manner (including HL7 FHIR). For healthcare providers, HIEs, ACOs, laboratories, application developers, and manufacturers of medical devices, Cloverleaf provides the clinical integration basis (ISVs and OEMs). The platform uses industry-leading fail-over and availability methods and offers virtualization for private and public cloud installations.

  • Even in complex integration scenarios, it is simple to use
  • UX tools to build, test, regulate, secure, and monitor Scalability and Customer-proven scalability and reliability
  • Provides a ready-made FHIR solution
  • Includes a gateway for an API for healthcare
  • Available on-premises or in the cloud
  • Python, JavaScript, and Tcl scripting
  • The ISO 27001 (Information Security in Healthcare) standards are followed by Cloverleaf
  • The configuration of translations, online services, and database integrations is accelerated using GUI wizards
  • You can connect virtually any application or information system with Cloverleaf

Cloverleaf Integration Services

KPi-Tech's Cloverleaf consultants are skilled at capturing data in models to describe business and technical requirements, security requirements, implementation specifics, and impact assessments. Based on your specific business needs, we can design a high-availability system that lowers the operating costs of remote recovery, lowers business risk, and ensures data integrity – all while taking into account the requirements of digital operations, SOA, RFID, and other emerging technologies that call for a cogent technology infrastructure.

We have experience implementing all the standard data integration models for a variety of platforms and industries. We can assist you in creating and implementing an open and scalable enterprise-level master data management strategy using Cloverleaf technology.

  • Utilizing a Red Hat Xen kernel and the Cloverleaf interface engine, deploy virtual machine environments in a cluster setting.
  • Install/Test environments with high availability for Linux, AIX, and Windows
  • Create and test Cloverleaf high availability scripts.
  • With the use of Cloverleaf tools and add-on modules like CSC, IHB, and ODBC, you may create a wide range of interfaces.
  • Utilizing Cloverleaf and the IHE module, develop, architect, and test the IHE interface
  • Create HL7, XML, X12, and FRL/VRL/HRL interfaces.
  • Create and maintain interfaces for the Healthvision Portal Application using Cloverleaf/IHB.

Cloverleaf Interface Engine Works as Follows

Through industry-standard protocols and web services, this HL7 interface engine offers secure message integration, monitoring, archiving, and cost-effective interoperability. No matter the source system, message format, or communication protocol, Cloverleaf enables healthcare businesses like yours to integrate heterogeneous information systems and data from both inside and outside the organization. Whether you work for a hospital, a manufacturer of medical equipment, or an independent supplier, Cloverleaf can assist you in overcoming integration difficulties.

Cloverleaf-Supported Communications Protocols

  • Web Services (RESTful/SOAP)
  • TCP/IP—encapsulated and length-encoded
  • Database (Oracle and SQL Server through JDBC)
  • Java
  • File
  • Fileset FTP/Local
  • HTTP Client
  • LU3
  • LU 6.2 APPC
  • LU 6.2 PPCF
  • PDL Async
  • WebSphere MQ
  • UPoC (User-written Tcl and Java scripts)
  • Intelligent Broker

Cloverleaf-Supported Data Formats

  • HL7 (v2 & v3)
  • FHIR
  • JSON
  • XML
  • X12
  • Fixed Record Length (FRL)
  • Variable Record Length (VRL)
  • Hierarchical Record Layout (HRL)

Cloverleaf Integration Process

The integration specialists at KPi-Tech have a lot of expertise with Cloverleaf 5.x. Activities at Cloverleaf are carried out in 5 stages. Here is the work process we follow:

Integrated Disparate Healthcare Systems

The Benefits of the Cloverleaf FHIR Server

The global HL7 FHIR standard is the foundation of the Cloverleaf FHIR Server solution. It enables healthcare companies to expand the FHIR and application programming interface (API) capabilities of their clinical and electronic health records (EHR) beyond what is currently supported.

By employing current clinical systems linked to a cutting-edge FHIR-based ecosystem, this technology will enable patients and clinicians to expedite care and support initiatives for digital transformation.

Other Features Include:

  • Data provenance
  • Encryption capabilities included by default

With the help of this technology, businesses can save the FHIR data they receive and make it accessible to current web apps. The Cloverleaf API Gateway may then be used by businesses to securely link any application and manage those connections. This improves hospital systems' ability to connect and interact, which is advantageous for patient care and healthcare delivery.

Why Choose KPi-Tech for Cloverleaf Integration

Cloverleaf is renowned for its user-friendliness, capacity for sophisticated integration, security, and scalability and dependability that have been validated by customers. This robust software streamlines the interchange of clinical data to assist enhance business processes and healthcare outcomes.

End to end Service

End to End Service

KPi-Tech assists you with complete integration services including design guidance, security requirements, implementation specifics, impact assessments and maintenance.



KPi-Tech provides implementation experts with extensive Cloverleaf knowledge. The spectrum of consulting and implementation services includes completely managed services as well as initial implementation.



We have HL7 Integration experience in the healthcare industry for more than a decade. We have implemented all the standard data integration models for a variety of platforms and systems like EHR, PMS, LIS etc.

HIPAA Certified Experts

HIPAA Certified Experts

All our integration experts are HIPAA certified to ensure there is no chance of data breaches and HIPAA violation.