KPi-Tech Services Joins FHIRBall to Drive Interoperability in Healthcare

Franklin, Tennesse – 12 December 2023 — KPi-Tech Services, a leading provider of healthcare IT solutions, today announced its membership in the FHIR Business Alliance (FHIRBall). This collaboration strengthens KPi-Tech's commitment to promoting interoperability and streamlining data exchange within the healthcare ecosystem.

FHIRBall is a community of organizations dedicated to advancing the adoption of FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), a standardized language for healthcare data exchange. By joining FHIRBall, KPi-Tech Services gains access to a network of industry leaders and collaborates on initiatives that promote the use of FHIR-based solutions.

"We are thrilled to join FHIRBall and contribute to the widespread adoption of FHIR," said Kishore Pendyala, CEO at KPi-Tech Services. "Our mission aligns perfectly with FHIRBall's goals of fostering interoperability and improving healthcare data exchange. We believe that FHIR is essential for creating a more connected and efficient healthcare system."

KPi-Tech Services boasts a proven track record in developing and implementing FHIR-based solutions. Their expertise empowers healthcare organizations to:

  1. Enhance data exchange: Seamlessly share patient data between disparate healthcare systems
  2. Streamline workflows: Improve care coordination and reduce administrative burdens.
  3. Optimize patient care: Deliver cost-effective, patient-centered care.

"KPi-Tech Services brings valuable experience and innovative solutions to the FHIRBall community," said [Name], [Title] at FHIRBall. "Their commitment to interoperability aligns with our mission, and we look forward to collaborating on initiatives that benefit the entire healthcare industry."

About KPi-Tech

KPi-Tech Services is a healthcare IT services company dedicated to providing accessible and affordable healthcare solutions. They leverage their digital healthcare expertise to develop intuitive software that optimizes workflows, secures patient data, and empowers healthcare providers to deliver cost-effective care. KPi-Tech Services is at the forefront of remote healthcare solutions, offering tailor-made services for secure data sharing and remote management.

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