Paul Valentine Joins as President at KPi-Tech Services

January 28, 2023; Delaware - The nationally recognized healthcare IT services firm, KPi-Tech Services, proudly announces that Mr. Paul Valentine have joined us as the President.

Paul Valentine, as President will focus on driving client satisfaction, expanding the Healthcare IT services, and driving the vision and execution of KPi-Tech's commercial capabilities. He will also drive solution innovation and process improvement internally to ensure KPi-Tech's services align with customer needs and helps keep them competitive and ahead of the curve. He will also ensure that company operations comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Paul has thirty years of expertise in the healthcare industry and has held positions with major companies including Allscripts, MEDHOST, CareCloud, and Fortified Health Security. He has held senior positions in both implementation and sales, and he has concentrated his efforts on expanding IT services and product lines. He is particularly experienced in working in collaboration with frontline providers to enhance efficiency and promote process improvement. He is passionate about bridging the gap between technical and clinical mindsets. Paul also belongs to the IPMA Member Association for the United States.

About KPi-Tech

KPi-Tech is a leading software services company providing cutting edge solutions in the Healthcare domain, understanding of healthcare workflows and standards, and expertise in range of new and legacy technologies.

As a company with years of experience in US Healthcare and IT services, we can offer high-level support that improves your business. In the past decade, we have successfully delivered integrated US Healthcare IT solutions by providing custom software development services. In the domains of healthcare and information technology, we have accelerated growth and raised revenue.

Our mission strongly reflects this focused approach to healthcare and our diversified technical experience to help provide a much greater business value.

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