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DevOps as a service is a combination of six vital things that strengthen your IT sector's foundation. The overall service workflow was built in line with the expertise of our DevOps Consultant & their decades of proven excellence in the IT sector. You can count on us for desirable results with our dedicated services!


DevOps as a Service

DevOps Assessment & Strategy Planning

Share your company's needs, and we will build you a DevOps assessment roadmap with proper planning and measuring metrics. It will help you stay on track always and forever.

Pilot Framework Creation

Through our robust DevOps consulting services, you can access our customized open source and licensed tools to integrate them with the existing tools that keep you on the hunt.

Process Implementation

We follow a comprehensive system of analyzing, designing, constructing, automating various aspects and implement them wherever required. Hence, forget about falling short on performance.

CI/CD Pipeline

We provide continuous integration, continuous development, continuous deployment, and continuous testing to bridge the gaps between development and operation.

Process Automation

Our DevOps services include automated services like code generation, production, test cases, covering builds, security, and quality checks. It provides you with the benefit of easy handling.

Security Integration

We provide our clients end-to-end security integration service based on the mechanism of 'Security as Code' with the help of DevOps.

DevOps Managed Service offerings

Get your problems solved by optimizing your system

Continuous Integration

Our DevOps Consulting firm integrates the working of all your developers to control the dynamics of the environment and increase visibility. As a result, you can maintain the quality of the task without any delays.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery is another essential part of continuous integration. By combining both processes, you can facilitate development, analyze operations, and prepare code changes in a quick time.


Our DevOps best practices will help any company develop, monitor, and manage the actual microservice applications. As a result, you get to achieve the desired agility and are largely benefit from the advanced scalability features.

Infrastructure as Code

This technique has a significant advantage over the business operation team to keep track of every step. Also, it paves the way for automatic provision using code instead of doing it manually. It will ensure that your process is done faster and better.

Monitoring & Logging

Being one of the leading DevOps consulting companies, our specialized team provides regular monitoring services to review the workflow of internal systems, platforms, and pipeline performance. Leave it to us, and we will leave no gaps in between.

Communication & Collaboration

Through our extensive communication and collaboration service, you get the benefit of streamlined team collaboration. The work is carried out with higher efficiency by inducing advanced DevOps tools.

DevOps Tools

Transform your business with efficient DevOps Tools


Source code control tools

The source code control tools can keep a check on the modifications undergoing in the project life cycle. Moreover, it helps detect a high number of failures and defects, ensuring better performance.


Container orchestration tools

Our consulting company combines Azure DevOps consulting service and AWS DevOps consulting service, so you don't miss out on anything.


Automated testing tools

For ensuring the best practices for DevOps, we offer you automated testing tools. It leverages the company at every step in carrying Software Development Life Cycle by providing high quality and timely delivery.


CI/CD pipeline management tools

Continuous Integration and Continuous Development are the two significant aspects of IT firms. It helps in faster and accurate delivery.


Observability tools

It would be highly beneficial to have enhanced system stability for better focus, and you can get this through observability tools. It is an excellent addition to the DevOps tool List that we offer at Kpi-Tech to help you gain valuable insights into your infrastructure.

Cloud computing and storage platforms

For ensuring the best practices for DevOps, we offer you automated testing tools. It leverages the company at every step in carrying Software Development Life Cycle by providing high quality and timely delivery.

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Benefits of Cloud Application Development Services

Delivery Delivery

With KPi-Tech's comprehensive approach, you get the benefit of delivering applications at a high velocity. In other words, we help you transform your traditional business into a digital structure, thus, improving your delivery rate.

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Automation Automation

Furthermore, we automate every process of the pipeline with collaborating members of the team. Apart from all, we customize offerings and tools based on your company's needs.

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Flexible Flexible

It offers you the flexibility to make quality changes in the deployment cycle without compromising the delivery rate.

Agile Agile

We also help you enhance your business agility at an affordable range. Hence, without any further delay, hire our DevOps engineer now and witness the growth.

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