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If you need an integrated software development service, then you are at the right destination! We at KPi-Tech take care of all your application development needs with the help of Java software development services. The primary reason is that Java provides end-to-end service that includes programming, testing, documenting, and bug fixing. We will walk you through the list of services that we offer.

Our Java Development Services

The reason why Java application development is a popular choice is due to its scalability and performance requirements. At KPi-Tech, we use Java technology for developing robust, large-scale, and high-performing applications. It is supported by all major platforms that allow it to execute anywhere without any vendor-specific deployment descriptors. Thus, you can port an application from one server to another without any hassle. Our smart developers and well-qualified expert team are the prime reason for our success. Below is the wide range of the services that we offer and make your business even more booming!

Java Mobile Application Development

With Java application development, we ensure scalable upgrades in a secured manner. These apps can function seamlessly in both iOS and Android platforms.

Java Application Modernization

At KPi-Tech, application and software modernization are done on a large scale. We cannot work on an outdated application for a long time. So, what do we do? We upgrade your old applications and build them to support the latest versions on your phone.

Java Web Application Design and Development

This is one of the prominent techniques in Java development services. Java web application development and design have been successfully functioning in the market for a long time. That is why our teams trust it to give you the most dynamic and stable outcome. Moreover, Java application designs have several unique, appealing, and classy templates. This enables us to be more creative and develop personalized apps.

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Why You Need Java After All

Delivery Short time to market

With a sizable community of thoroughly proven libraries and frameworks for every use case, Java has a well-designed reach API. Designing, implementing, and deploying your apps in Java is simple and convenient.

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Distributed Computing Distributed Computing

Java is a distributed language that enables several computers to operate simultaneously on the same network. The entire ecosystem of Big Data processing frameworks, including Hadoop, Spark, Sockets, Remote Method Invocation (RMI), Multicast Sockets, Kafka, and Message Passing Interface, is also available for Java (MPI).

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Platform Uniformity Platform Uniformity

Java enables cross-platform operation of the same application, which is essential for contemporary software solutions. Java actually succeeds at this point since it is independent on both the source level and the binary level.

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Multithreading's Advantages Multithreading's Advantages

Java makes it simpler and more effective to create high-load apps since it enables programmes to carry out multiple tasks at once.

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How We Measure and Improve Java Code Quality

Code principles and directives
  • Follow the Java style manual
  • Naming code variables in a clear manner
  • Specifying in comments the purpose of a certain code function
  • Creating a final README doc that explains what the code (as a whole) does and what its dependencies are
  • Dividing a code into brief, concentrated units
  • Consisting of unit tests
  • keeping portable code
  • version control is used
Coding Review Process
  • Ad hoc analysis
  • Pass-around
  • Walkthrough
  • pulling requests
  • Inspection
Metrics for code quality
  • Index of maintainability (MI)
  • Cyclomatic Complexity (CC)
  • Continuity of Inheritance
  • Coupling by class
  • Code lines
  • Volume Halstead

Sample Architecture of the Java Solutions we Deliver

Sample Architecture of the Java Solutions We Deliver

Java Case Study

Custom java application for healthcare Integration
Technologies we use

Java Environments & Frameworks We Use For Our valued Customers

We have complete faith in our teams to provide you with the optimal solution for all your web application requirements. That is why we only choose the best technologies to support your business. Moreover, our prime motto is that we are one hundred percent transparent with our process to maintain a trustable bond with our clients. Java software development services come with many inbuilt tools, and here we have mentioned a list of technologies that we use for faster execution.

Web Frameworks


Testing Frameworks


Web Services

Why Choose Us

Why work with KPi-Tech Java Developers?

Our team at KPi-Tech are masters in their respective fields. We ensure that our clients only get the best. We always build advanced apps and provide comprehensive support to satisfy the needs of our clients. We do multiple testing before deploying the project until the client gets satisfied. In java development services, we have an outstanding team of domain professionals who are masters in it. These are not our words; in fact, they are our actions.

Quality of Work

Quality of work

We hire skilled and trained developers for the best results. Our clients are invaluable to us, and we only deliver quality outcomes to them. Therefore, we are divided into small groups to handle your work on a large scale and work efficiently. We also provide end-to-end support and development. You can be assured of our quality work.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are the one who keeps us running, and your opinion matters the most. We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. Your desire is our command, and we will do our best to accomplish them.

project management

Comprehensive Project Management

We are experienced in managing all types of projects that are filled with various complexities. We provide integrated services that include finite details in every aspect. We also coordinate with our vendors to develop a seamless framework. So, you can always count on us to meet your desired goals within the prescribed time and budget.

Client friendly

Client Friendly

We, at KPi-Tech, value your vision. Our major focus is to understand your ideas and conceptualize them into a product. We intend to give you premium services that match your expectations.

On Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery

We know how important time is! Hence, we came up with a complete structural plan in a reasonable timeline. You can access the blueprint of the project and track our milestones, progress, and accomplishments. We believe that your presence is highly important, and we provide you with real-time updates to keep you in the loop. Your constant feedback is always welcomed for a smooth collaboration in building efficient apps as per your demand.

Java Development Services FAQ

The cost of a Java development project is determined by a number of variables, such as the project's scope and complexity, the needed tech stack, the required number of Java developers, the engagement model itself, and many other elements. Therefore, it is impossible to estimate the cost of a particular project without knowing the project's specifics.

What we can tell, though, is that while selecting a Java development business, you shouldn't focus just on costs. Aim for a service who strikes a mix between affordability and great quality, something respected businesses like KPi-Tech can supply.

Our Java experts have extensive experience utilizing this language to build various apps. As a result, we are able to develop enterprise systems, online and mobile apps, custom applications, and MVPs. We can also assist you with the Java-based migration of legacy applications and their integration with more modern ones.

Years of working with clients from a variety of industries have given KPi-Tech extensive Java knowledge. With companies in the fintech, healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, and telecommunications sectors, to mention a few, we have a demonstrated track record of project execution. We have worked with Java so frequently that there's a good probability we can complete your project without any issues.

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You can, indeed. The full range of development services is covered by KPi-Java Tech's development offerings. This implies that you can either employ a Java development team that is independently managed to handle the full project, work together with a Java development team to assist your in-house team with a specific task, or ask us to look for certain jobs to supplement your existing Java team.

Please visit our services website and make sure to browse the Dedicated teams section of the about us page for more details about our services.

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Because of its dependability, adaptability, simplicity, and availability of a wide range of development choices The popularity of Java app development is still strong. Future trends indicate that Java will continue to be a top option for many start-up companies. Java supports seamless scaling and is versatile and cross-platform. It offers a wide range of capabilities for microservices development and is optimized for the cloud. Java is used extensively in the most advanced technological solutions, including chatbots, machine learning, analytics, and big data. Many businesses that lack in-house Java experience choose to outsource Java software development and seek help from Java app development firms.

We help you to ideate, design, and develop a custom solution. Hire Java developers today!

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