Mirth HL7 Interface

Mirth is a cross-platform open-source HL7 interface engine that allows bi-directional HL7 message flow between systems and applications across numerous transports. Quality Systems announced the acquisition of Mirth Corporation on September 9th, 2013. Since then, Mirth Connect has been renamed NextGen Connect.

Build High ROI Centric Mirth HL7 Interfaces

KPi-Tech specializes in HL7 Integration for healthcare systems interoperability. With expertise in Mirth Connect, we have successfully integrated labs and practice management software. Our team transforms non-standard data into standardized HL7 formats, ensuring efficient data exchange across healthcare systems. We offer customized solutions to connect clinics, labs, hospitals, and payers, streamlining operations and enhancing communication.

  1. 1. Health Information Exchange (HIE): The lack of integration among health IT systems poses challenges in establishing efficient community and private Health Information Exchanges. Mirth services offer a solution by facilitating seamless Health Information Exchange, allowing for the collection, organization, and aggregation of clinical data across your organization. This enables healthcare data to be effectively utilized and leveraged.

  2. 2. Population Health Management: Achieve transformation in the healthcare services through value-based care. Connect providers in a “virtual” network and collaborate for better patient care through low-cost, comprehensive care management practices. Mirth HL7 services can help you in envisioning and building a patient centric environment with pace.

  3. 3. HL7 Development Partner Solutions: Drive healthcare service transformation through the adoption of value-based care principles. Establish a network of interconnected providers and foster collaborative efforts to enhance patient care through cost-effective and comprehensive care management practices. Leverage Mirth HL7 services to create a patient-centric environment with speed and efficiency.

Why Mirth

Why Choose Mirth Connect Over Other Interface Engines?

Free and open-source engine with no licensing costs

Facilitates bi-directional transmission of HL7 messages between systems

Effortlessly converts non-standard data into standard formats

Provides a seamless and secure platform for healthcare message integration

Widely adopted open-source integration solution backed by a large community

Enables easy filtering, transformation, and routing of messages based on user-defined rules

Protocols & Standards

Protocols and Standards Supported by Mirth Connect

The following standards and protocols are supported by Mirth Connect:
  • JMS
  • SMTP
  • SOAP (over HTTP)
  • File (local file system and network shares) /FTP/SFTP
  • Https
  • JDBC
  • HL7
  • EDI/X12
  • XML

Out of many interface engines, HL7-FHIR is popular and considered Mirth Connect.


Advantages of Mirth Connect Interface

  • With limitless licensing on interfaces, channels, and OEM licenses, you may achieve interoperability goals quickly and confidently.
  • Mirth Connect has a simple user interface that makes it simple to use.
  • Mirth simplifies interface development for data transport between healthcare systems through its unique hybrid architecture combining client-server and enterprise service bus components.
  • Mirth Connect allows for more precise and faster referral processing.
  • Fast status updates, error emails, and scalability
  • Displays current connection data as well as error notifications.
  • Mirth Connect is incredibly flexible, and it can run on a variety of devices ranging from small, low-cost, and low-power devices like Raspberry Pi to extremely large-scale enterprise administrations and cloud-based configurations.
  • Its cross-platform capability allows it to work with a wide range of operating systems and EHR systems.

Our Mirth HL7 Services

We simply integrate numerous healthcare systems with NextGen Mirth Connect & Mass HL7 solution ensuring compliance with regulatory standards(HIPAA, HHS, ONC-ATCB), Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2 (MU-1 & MU-2) and 21st Century Cures Act.

Mirth Interface Engine Programming

Mirth Interface Engine Programming

KPi-Tech specializes in programming Mirth Connect interface engines to enable interoperability among healthcare departments, supporting various messaging standards such as HL7, XML, CCD, DICOM, EDI, NCPDP, and more.

NextGen Mirth Integration

NextGen Mirth Integration

Expert developers at KPi-Tech facilitate comprehensive integration of NextGen Healthcare information systems, including EHR, AMR, and Practice Management platforms, leveraging EDI systems and advanced BI tools.

Mirth HL7 Solutions

Mirth HL7 Solutions

KPi-Tech utilizes HL7 messaging protocols to encrypt and transmit healthcare data, integrating Mirth HL7 tools for custom Health Information Exchange (HIE) networks and Enterprise Master Patient Index (eMPI) systems.

Mirth Web Service Development

Mirth Web Service Development

KPi-Tech develops Mirth Connect web services, incorporating CLI and FHIR to enable real-time communication, while integrating user interfaces (REST, HTML, CSS) and data resources (JSON, XML).

Mirth Mail Implementation

Mirth Mail Implementation

Configuration of NextGen's Mirth Mail direct messaging platform using SMTP for seamless sharing of text-based messages, automated notifications, and integration with Mirth OpenPD and Mirth HISP provider directories.

Programming Mirth Plugins

Programming Mirth Plugins

KPi-Tech extends functionality and accelerates workflows by leveraging Mirth plugins, including Mirth Results, Mirth Match, and various extensions like PACS, FHIR, SSL, Advance Alerting, and more.

Mirth HL7 Interface Case Study

Our Mirth HL7 Interfaces by Numbers













Our Mirth HL7 Development Approach

  • Mirt Consulting and analysis of client business processes for seamless data exchange between applications
  • Development of HL7 models to facilitate understanding and smooth integration
  • Creation of HL7 message formats to ensure effective communication
  • Advanced scripting to expand the capabilities of Mirth® Connect beyond its user interface
  • Custom plugin development tailored to specific needs
  • Interface architecture design and consulting services
  • Training, consulting, and ongoing support for Mirth implementation and usage

Health Standards Supported by Our Developers

  • Healthcare standards: HL7v2, v3, CCD/CCDA, FHIR
  • EHR’s: Cerner, Epic, McKesson, Meditech, NextGen®, Allscripts, Fresenius, Centricity (and many more)
  • Databases: MySQL, Oracle, DB2, HyperSQL, MS SQL Server, Postgres
  • Operating Systems: UNIX/Linux (AIX, Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS), Windows, OS X

Cost Effective Mirth Consulting & Mirth Development Services

  • Emphasis on high ROI and low HL7 implementation costs
  • Integration efforts aimed at enhancing Healthcare Information Exchange
  • Efficient aggregation, matching, routing, and utilization of data for improved outcomes
  • Analysis and articulation of the value of your patient-care model
  • Seamless building and maintenance of HL7 interfaces

Our Mirth Integration Expertise

KPi-Tech provides well-defined services to assist our clients with solution planning, development, and deployment. We enhance productivity and profitability with a Mirth Integration, which promises benefits ranging from increased efficiency to quality transformation.

Certified Experts

Integration Architects, Mirth Developer with extensive experience and certification, increased agility, and data modelers.


Two decades of experience in US healthcare IT. Extensive administration knowledge with external systems and secure database integrations.

Domain Expertise

Development of entire integration solutions, such as hospital management systems, pharmaceutical group networks, medical device communication, and workflow systems.

24x7 Support

24x7 Support services, high availability, disaster recovery, performance tuning, and deployment strategy.

14 Best Mirth Practices

For Successful Healthcare Integration