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We are KPi-Tech, a team of dedicated workers, giving our fullest every day to make your mobile even better. We master cross-platform app development by providing customized upgrades that meet your needs. You will find a series of information that will lead you to believe that we are the best mobile app development company.

Custom Mobile Application Development

At KPi-Tech, we offer optimum mobile strategy and solutions for cross-platform applications development that guarantees maximum growth at minimal project cost. We create centralized code for easy switching that will shorten your turnaround time. Hence, partner with us today and get your desired requirements done quickly. We offer hybrid application development to Android Apps, iPhone Apps, iPad Apps, Hybrid & Native Apps. We develop software codes that will enable backend services for data access. This will be done through APIs. We will also test the application on targeted devices to provide complete assurance for custom iPhone app development and much more.

Android App Development

We offer you efficient, innovative & avant-garde application development services using the latest Android development tools & Google SDKs. Hence, upgrade your android phone to make it more business-friendly and easy to access among all android platforms.

iOS App Development

Our mobile app development team creates reliable mobile apps for all iOS versions. Apple Watch, Apple TV, & iPad are now adopting futuristic app development techniques. In a way, iPhone app development is one of our fortes.

Cross-Platform App Development

Having different mobile platforms across your organization is a major concern as few apps failed to support certain platforms. This can be eliminated by using mobile application development across both platforms. Hence, our team at KPi-Tech creates a highly efficient cross-platform and hybrid application development to works more efficiently.


Our Mobile App Development Services includes

At KPi-Tech, we intend to provide impeccable services across different verticals and are not limited to mobile development. As an iPhone app development company, we also cater to other platforms that will support applications for iPhones. Below you will find our range of services that have made us the best mobile application development company in India.

Upgrades and emulators use custom iPhone app development to keep every employee updated for data transfer and also for mobile optimization.

This will help you connect with various apps, and you can experience a seamless flow of data exchange. Not only will this optimize your workflow, but it also makes your business process more flexible. Hence, you will find your organization’s efficiency touches the skies.

Data Migration Data Migration

We create, extract and transfer mobile application data from one storage region to another without any further loss. It includes moving on-premise IT center to Cloud and providing seamless data transition in a more secure environment.

UI/UX Design Development UI/UX Design Development

Our team at KPi-Tech creates a unique interface and offers a sleek UI that looks both appealing and efficient at the same time. Having a consistent user experience, optimal layering, indefinite color palettes, responsive features, and aesthetic designs help create visually appealing and unique applications.

Mobile Application Refactoring Mobile Application Refactoring

In this process, we restructure the existing codes to enhance the performance and quality. It saves a lot of development time and helps in merging various mobile platforms like iOS & Android.

QA & Automated Testing Services QA & Automated Testing Services

Testing vulnerabilities and gaps in your database will assure maximum safety. We do various testing strategies to keep you protected from unauthorized access. Your safety is our priority here in the top mobile app development company.

Wearable App Development Wearable App Development

We streamline your development needs by implementing advanced wearable app technologies and gadgets that support both the platforms like iOS and Android. Now, you can access all the necessary information from your compact device!

Technologies we use

The Technologies We Use For Our Valued Customers

Our motto here is to provide great customer satisfaction and a seamless experience to strengthen the bond. That is why we transform your applications with great dedication. We develop, integrate, and engineer applications written in Java, JavaScript, Python, ROR, PHP, and other programming languages. Our technologies include that are not limited to:

Why Choose Us

Why work with KPi-Tech Mobile App Developers?

We at KPi-Tech have much respect for time and money. That is why we provide the minimum cost of iPhone development and others. Moreover, we intend to build trust and credibility, and money cannot buy that. That is why we have a team of dedicated members working tirelessly to sustain your trust. Our expert developer team is highly efficient in creating appealing apps where you can witness premium quality outcomes. Look no further and choose our android app development services to succeed in your business.

Custom Agile Process

We follow unique agile methodologies while creating the apps to suit your needs perfectly.

Security & Compliance

We have strict rules against any compliance issues concerning our clients. Thus, your data is safe and secure with us.

End-to-End Service

We design, deploy, test, and support the entire application development cycle from start to end with high dedication.

Maintenance & Support

You do not have to ask twice when you need maintenance. Our dedicated team workers at KPi-Tech will be there at your service.

Fast & Secure

Our experts have been working with mobile application development services for over six years, and we create user-friendly frameworks that are more secure & reliable. Moreover, we understand the value of time and thus provide faster services.

If you are still not satisfied with words, let us prove it by actions. Hire Mobile App Developers today to see the difference.

Hire Mobile App Developers to make your business optimized and seamless.

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