HL7 Integration

CCD Integration to improve patient care

KPi-Tech built an interface eco-system using Mirth and custom CCD(Continuity Care document) for a Healthcare company in the US that provides technology-enabled services to Chronic patients. The interface eco-system helped to reduce the risk in patients.

Java Development

Custom Java Application for Healthcare Integration

A scanning solution used in Healthcare Industry had some security issues with its Interface Engine. KPi-tech built a Java application to replace the interface engine to parse and store healthcare data securely.

Mobile Development

Custom Mobile Application Development for Healthcare Cyber Security

To track security flaws in the health systems, our client offers security software to healthcare institutions. As part of the solution, KPi-Tech assisted in creating a Mobile Application, that can give the notifications seamlessly anytime on to the mobile so that the right team is alerted at the right time.


A global Cyber Security firm’s journey towards CI-CD

KPi-Tech brought together the forces of development and operations teams to achieve business agility through IT agility while automating manual deployment processes in Cyber Security company.

FHIR Integration

FHIR R4 Based Integration between EMR and Patient access solution

KPi-Tech helped an EMR application Provider with FHIR based integration between EMR and Patient Access Solution which improved reimbursement, patient experience and financial performance.

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